36 Almond

Client Sahmyook Food

Year 2020

Almost every kid in Korea grew up drinking SamYook food’s soymilk.  Now, they have launched ’36 Almond’ beverage.

‘36 Almond’ is a non-dairy beverage made from almonds. It is a delicious and healthy alternative to dairy and soymilk. It is lactose-free, soy-free, calcium-enriched, and contains only 36 calories per pack (based on Unsweet 36 Almond). 

Almond beverage is a relatively new phenomenon among Korean consumers. It is well known that almonds are good for you. It was critical to convey to the consumers of the health benefits as well of its clean taste. We simply highlighted the natural essence of almonds. 

On the body of the package, the white tear-off image captures the moment when one tears into the product and discover fresh and mouthwatering almonds ready to be consumed. 

The keywords we have selected for this project is health and taste. The green leaves represent freshness and nourishment and the brown almonds represent the natural nuttiness of almonds. 

B for Brand Credit


Creative Director : Yena Choi

Art Director : Yena Choi

Designer : Jinha Seo

Portfolio Execution : Jinha Seo, Soomin Jo

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